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Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting (monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)

We act as your accounting department which handles your day-to-day transaction coding, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, management financial reporting and many other services

XERO Cloud Solution

As featured on XERO, we are a certified XERO cloud partner. We help set up, conduct training and operate your online cloud solution. Access your business’s finances from anywhere, anytime with a clear financial overview

Tax Services

Personal Tax Services

If you are earning an annual revenue/commission of more than $100,000, we help you prepare the annual 4-Line statement report


If you are earning an annual income/revenue of at least $500,000 or more, we will help you to prepare the mandatory certified Statement of Accounts which comprises the Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet, including a fixed assets schedule.

Examples where you will fall under this category includes:
– Self-employed/Sole proprietor
– Beauty and Wellness Operators
– Commission agents (e.g Insurance Agent, Property Agent Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) agents and remisiers)
– Entertainers and Entertainment Organisers (e.g. Freelance performers, Getai Organisers, celebrities,etc)
– Hawkers
– Lawyers
– Maid Agencies
– Medical Practitioners
– Sharing Economy Players
– Social Media Influencers such as Bloggers and YouTubers
– Taxi Drivers Registered with Taxi Operators
– Tuition Centre / Agency Operators
– Any other self employed persons who earns a commission income under contract of service

We will help you with personal tax planning by sitting down with you to fully review your current nature of business/trade/profession so that we can help you maximize your tax deductibles to minimize your tax payable, ethically and most importantly, legally before we submit the final tax form to IRAS for you as a tax agent.

Corporate Tax Services

We help with your compliance with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and apply tax schemes to lower tax payable, file yearly ECI, Form C/Form C-S, pay tax, receive and Reject Notice Of Assessment (if any), verifying assessments issued by IRAS, lodging objections and submission of appeals (if any) and attending to investigations and/or queries raised by IRAS (if any)

Corporate Secretary Services

We help you with keeping, maintaining, and updating statutory books and registers, provide assistance with compliance with Companies Acts, reminders of compliance deadlines, custody of common seal, dealing with auditors, preparation of Annual General Meeting (AGM), Filing of Annual Return (AR) to ACRA, consultation, change of directors, registered office, company secretary, signatories, capital structure, preparation of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), resident local director services

Payroll Services

Payroll Administration

We help with your standard, day-to-day duties of a payroll administrator include: Recording employee work hours. Calculating pay and taxes, based on work-hour data. Incorporating variables, like overtime, sick pay, holidays and expenses, into pay. Processing and paying salaries and wages – by cash, cheque or transfer, preparation and issue of MOM legislated itemized payslips, register and setup of CPF account and automated deduction, preparation & Filing of Monthly Statutory (CPF Contributions, SDL, FWL), preparation & issuance of annual employee tax form

Employee Benefits

We help liaise with statutory boards such the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and handle your employees’ medical, disability, and life insurance; retirement benefits; paid time off; and fringe benefits.

Compensation Management

We help document and facilitate share-based vesting, transfers, conditions, tabulation of compensation for retrenchments, hiring and pay structures. 

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We will handles all your Company’s accounting, tax and corporate secretary Compliance so you can focus on managing your business with a peace of mind.

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